Headway OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System

OceanGuard® BWMS

With the adaptation of the new Ballast Water Convention which will enter into force when 30 states representing 35% of the world’s gross tonnage becoming signatory.

All ships including submersibles, floating craft/platforms, FSUs and FPSOs are to manage their ballast water in accordance with an approved Ballast Water Management Plan and record such management in a Ballast Water Record Book in accordance with the provisions of the Convention based on the following implementation schedule

OceanGuard Ballast Water Management System was developed by Headway Technology Co. Ltd. together with Harbin Engineering University.

OceanGuard uses Advance Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP) to eliminate microbes, bacteria, viruses and dormant ovum in water.

Hydroxyl radical (·OH) produced in AEOP process is one of the most active substances with a very strong oxidizability. It can have different kinds of chemical reactions with almost all biological macromolecules, microorganisms and other organic pollutants instantaneously and it has an extremely fast reaction rate and strong negative charge electron affinities.

The end products of reaction are CO2, H2O and traces of inorganic salt without any hazardous residuals. Therefore, the treated water can be discharged out of board without any pollution.

Headway VDR & S-VDR

Voyage Data Recorder (VDR & S-VDR)

Voyage Data Recorder or simply called VDR, is a data recording system designed for all vessels required to comply with the IMO’s International Convention SOLAS Requirements (IMO Res.A.861(20)). Headway’s Voyage data recorder enables accident investigators to review procedures and instructions in the moments before an incident and help to identify the cause of any accident.

Main Cabinet

Based on real-time embedded operating system of VxWorks, the system is more reliable, handy and adaptable to all kinds of installation on board. With a power of 25W without any ventilation fan, the Main Cabinet Unit Body is designed to be air tight. There are many interfaces with PNP function, it can be configured online, with easy access to debug and installed with real-time monitor function.

Power Supply

The main and supplementary power supply comes with 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz without the need of any configuration. The control panel ensures that the VDR will continue to function with only 24V in the event the main power supply is cut off.

Global Service Network

With more than 80 service agents around the globe, our clients can rest assured that convenience is at their finger tips.

Electronic Chart Display and Information System – ECDIS

The system is able to combine with AIS, GPS, ARPA, Gyro Compass, Speed Log, Echo Sounder, Autopilot and other communication and navigation equipment. It has the capability to deal with varieties of information, including maritime geography, sailing states of this vessel, navigation environment and massive numbers of vessels. It provides navigation, collision-avoidance assistance and route management of vessels. It can be used in a variety of large and medium sized vessels.


IMO Resolution A.694(17)
IMO Resolution A.817(19)
IHO S-52/S-57/S63
SOLAS Regulation 18.1/
IEC 61174 (2008)
IEC 60945 (2002)
IEC 62288 (2008

Chart Support

Compatible with C-MAP chart and S57 / S63 Standards.

Multiple Functions

 Auxiliary Navigation

Multiple information can be processed simultaneously including speed logs, compass and GPS positioning to achieve the best positioning, track, heading and speed.

Real time search of various information of the surrounding vessel that can provide more accurate acoustic and light alarm to prevent collision.

 Object Collision Avoidance Alarm

The system can combine AIS and APRA to achieve Collision Avoidance Assistance. It is able to monitor the current vessel in relation with other vessel’s planned routing and automatically calculate the deviation as necessary and activate the alarms.

The system is also able to detect hazardous area, reef, restricted navigation areas and shoal.

 Navigation Administration

ECDIS is also able to perform route planning and management with a automatic log recording function. It is able to capture detailed information of the objects, navigational condition, current, weather condition and vessel’s performance.

ECDIS is also able to check local and destination’s tidal condition. Using the information collected, EDIS is able to pre-plan an alternative route.

OceanGuard® BWMS

OceanGuard® BWMS is developed by Headway Technology Co., Ltd. together with leading universities in China.

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