Mechanical and General Engineering Services

Mechanical and General engineering have always been a core activity of our business. OceanMaster has a fully-equipped workshop with the latest and modern machineries with well-trained and experienced service team. Our mechanical and general engineering division is capable of the following:

  • Marine main engine / auxiliary engine overhauling, troubleshooting and repairs
  • Turbo-charger overhaul and repairs
  • Fuel pump and governor overhaul
  • Fuel injector overhaul
  • In-situ grinding of main bearing journal on main / auxiliary engine
  • Re-metaling and machining of main engine bearings
  • Reconditioning of main engine parts
  • Overhaul of various pumps such as boiler feed, mud, cooling bilge, fire and booster
  • Reconditioning of cylinder liner, piston, piston crown and cylinder head, etc.
  • Fabricate and custom-make various kinds of coolers
  • Re-tubing all kinds of coolers
  • Crankshaft grinding and bearing re-metaling
  • Boiler repair and re-tubing
  • Fabrication and repair of gears, gear box and speed reduction gear
  • Ornge chochfast installation on engines, gear boxes, pumps, deck machinery foundation and metal-locking on auxiliary cylinder blocks
  • Glass flake coating and pump casting
  • General insulation works


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