Environmental Protection Agency Course & Certification

This 4-day course is recommended for anyone working and handling air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. It is focused on learning the rules and regulations surrounding refrigerant systems with the goal of attaining EPA certification for the participants. This review class will cover the materials needed to receive the Universal Certification. The EPA examination will be taken on the last day of the course.


Study for All Technicians (CORE)

  • Introduction to Cooling Equipment
  • Ozone Depletion
  • Clean Air Act
  • EPA Regulations
  • New Service Procedures
  • Substitute Refrigerant and Oils
  • Safety – General; Refrigerant Cylinders
  • Study for Type I Technicians

  • Equipment Recovery and Requirements
  • Recovery Procedures and Safety
  • Study for Type II Technicians

  • Equipment and Service Procedures
  • Recovery Procedures – Type II Appliances
  • Safety with Type II Appliances
  • Study for Type III Technicians

  • Equipment and Recovery Requirements
  • Recovery Procedures – Type III Appliances
  • Safety with Type III Appliances
  • Review of the Study Guide
  • Practice Test
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